How Can I Help?

'Where there is anger, there is always pain underneath.' (Eckhart Tolle, German writer)

1. I can help spread the word about this campaign


Share our website via your social media accounts and help us spread the word:


Download a poster of our campaign, print it, and display it in public places such as:

– In your office

– In public institutions (schools, hospitals, libraries, etc.)

– On the street

(But please make sure you have permission to display the poster in your selected locations).

2. I can donate my time and / or skills to the campaign

Helping hands needed!

Are you a graphic designer who can help us design marketing material?

Do you have contacts in the press, hospitals, schools, etc that you could talk to and ask them to help us spread the word?

Do you own a priting company and can you print a few posters and/or stickers for us?

Do you have some spare time to hang up posters in designated places?


Please help us spread the word about our campaign. Share it using your social media accounts:

This is a campaign of the Rotary Club Plovdiv International.
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